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Azumi Kei

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Vol.1 Light Novel

Misumi Makoto is your typical high school student that has been transfer into the fantasy world by the God named Tsukuyomi, in order for him to become the hero. But the Goddess that is ruling the world that Misumi will go isn't happy with him.

Prologue 1: This is the beginning ofthe autumn sky

Wake up, make breakfast and in the meanwhile prepare the bentou.

Finish my club’s morning training, finish my classes and head again to the club.

After hanging out with my friends at the club I return home. I bathe and change.

Sit together with my family and then rest.In the late nights of autumn I read books, play games and browse the net.Sleep.

That’s all I did.There may be something in between the lines, but it’s not that relevant.

“That’s why it’s strange if I am not sleeping in my house!”

That’s right. Without doubt.Even so, ‘here’ I am.

In a square room that looked like the stars were printed on it.

I went around inspecting the floor and the walls of the room.I was concerned at the fact that there is no door or way to exit.And since I have been here, I didn’t feel the presence of anyone else at the entire time.

Right now I was entrusting my back to a corner in the room and pondering.“You are really calm, huh?”“?!”A voice.

But it was clearly a high volume yet nothing happened to the room. Looking around the room I saw that nothing in the room had changed.

“I used a high voice just once and then you went to search around the room and began to try and understand the present state of matters,and while being on the lookout you were trying to arrange your thoughts, huh.”

“Who are you?”The voice continued. I only understood it was a voice.  

It seems it is better to understand it by asking directly.“God, if that was what I said, would you believe me?”“No way.”This voice, does it have a screw loose?“That is unfortunate. Then, I will now have you go to a REALLY good other world. By the way, it’s a one way trip so you won’t be able toreturn to your original world.”“OiOioioioioioioioioioi!!!”

(TL: heyheyheyheyhey)What kind of stupid thing is it saying so smoothly?“About what you have to do, you should ask the one in charge of that place when you go. And with that, I am sorry but I would need a sign of your approval to this.”

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