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Download Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Volume 10 Light Novel

Ao Jyumonji

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Volume 10 Light Novel

There is a certain volunteer soldier in the mountains, deeply wounded and about to meet his end.
On the verge of death, he remembers fragments of the world he once inhabited. And then, he questions.

What is this world called "Grimgar"?

Meanwhile, Haruhiro and his party have left Thousand Valley and are on their way to Alterna. In a forest along their route, they are attacked by massive ape-like monsters called guorellas. This forces them into a difficult battle against a troop of guorellas following a leader called Redback. While narrowly fending off their pursuers, they flee into a village where failed orcs live in hiding...

He knows. In this world, there is no tomorrow that's guaranteed to come.

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