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Ryo Shirakome

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 13

Just like a joke, the head of the next inline Emperor, Bias, was easily flung into the air.


[That was the next Emperor. Your successor.....can you bear seeing that, can you bear hearing that, that was quite awful]

[.......I should have already said it. Even if we were all massacred, I won’t be pledging to anything. Be crushed by the fury of the Empire]

[To have that kind of attitude even after your son’s been killed. Ma~a, to begin with, he’s probably never been loved by you. After all, the position of Emperor is decided  through ability,  that’s  why it’s  not unusual  for  relatives to  try  and murder one another]

It  was  exactly  as  Cam  said,  relatives  could  gain  the  position  of  Emperor  by winning  a  duel.  Even  if  the  partner  is  killed  during  the  duel  it  wouldn’t  be considered a crime.

Gaharudo had many concubines who gave birth besides the queen, Bias himself was a child of a concubine which managed to become Crowned Prince through showing his abilities in duels. It was befitting of their principles, the weak will follow the strong! and there you have it.

Probably because of that, Gaharudo’s expression didn’t change at all. Since the beginning, the standards were either weak or strong, there have been rumors that there were no love for his sons and daughters......there didn’t seem to be any hidden emotions either, so it may very well be true. Rather, the aide from a while ago was the only time he really exposed his anger.

Gaharudo that was snorting towards Cam’s words.

[If you know that it’s useless now then just stop]

mans after this? You’ll continue tracking down our Haruia Tribe?

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