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Download Absolute Duo Volume 6 Light Novel (PDF)

Takumi Hiiragiboshi

Download Absolute Duo Volume 6 Light Novel (PDF)

A week passed since I got discharged.

The plaster cast was taken away, and I started rehabilitation.

There remained a scar, but I couldn't feel pain anymore.

If I'm careful, after dedicating some time to the rehabilitation it should disappear.

But the frustration from losing was something that didn't heal, aside from that, I had pretty much recovered on the mental side.

–––And with that, I was able to view the rematch with Sakaki from a different angle.

And so, I was considering a lot of different stuff.

First, since when did Sakaki obtain his current strength?

During that last battle, I did think that he had managed to get to higher level of strength during those two years, but actually, that was wrong.

I remembered that Ougi-san had labeled him a monster even before those two years.

So, when could Sakaki have been able to gain that strength?

According to my memories, that time in summer, Sakaki should not have reached his current strength, but...

, the weapon Sakaki used in the middle of the fight–––about that «Ogre».

He had said–––This is my «Soul».

It was similar to a «Blaze», but instead of being born from a «Blaze» it came from «Light», what could that weapon be...

As bad as it might be, «Gleam» is a complete mystery to me and there's not a single thing I have clear about it, but there where some remarks in the conversation we had that time that are bugging me.

“This is different to what you all have”

Sakaki was aware of the «Gleam».

I don't know how much, but it definitely is knowledge that those living a normal daily life will never get.

I can't help it to feel a dark presence.

Third–––Why was Sakaki at that place?

The reason he was at the remains of the dojo, he probably had something to do–––but, that too, was only left as a mystery.

I don't think it would be like he moves around for the sake of the people he murdered.

And last, after that battle was over, there's one thing, as vague as it may be, that I understood.

That is–––

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