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Download Classroom of the Elite Volume 5 Light Novel

Syougo Kinugasa

Classroom of the Elite Volume 5 Light Novel

The next stage is the ultimate competitive sport festival!

There was a sport festival that awaited for D-Class at the end of a long summer vacation. However, there's no way the event of Advanced Nurturing High School is something that superficial. In the sport festival where all grades are divided into two teams, Red and White, competing for victory, D-Class united with A-Class to engage B-Class & C-Class alliance. Furthermore, ranking is given to all competitions, and points can be obtained by rank.

Sudō, who causes troubles to others up until now, has become D-Class' trump card and people confident in their athletic abilities are filled with anticipation. Meanwhile, Horikita, without changing her own way, gives birth conflicts around her. That opportunity can not be overlooked by Ryūen, the leader of C-Class and a traitor who hides in the shadow ――?!

From the popular creator duo comes the fifth volume of the new school revelation?! The ultimate competitive sport festival begins.

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