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Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 6

Syougo Kinugasa

Classroom of the Elite EPUB Light Novel Vol. 6

The sports festival ends as the weather turns cold in mid-October. The student council president seat is now assumed by Nagumo, the former vice-president, after the induction ceremony.

While Ayanokōji was sensing the arrival of a new era, his classmate Maya Satō brought him to a hallway. "Are you currently dating anyone, Ayanokōji-kun? Can we exchange phone numbers?" were directed at him as words of confession. As a result of his success in the sports festival, Ayanokōji gained an increasing amount of attention, signaling a large development.

A special exam draws near. The final exam. How will D-Class make it through the complicated test of pair system and paper shuffle that will make students drop out of school every year?

From the popular creator duo comes the sixth volume of the new school revelation!!

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