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Download Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 18

Ryo Shirakome

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 18


With a cute and brave voice, Shia jumped out.

Body strengthening Level IV ― More precisely, this skill was one level above the magically operated derivation Conversion Efficiency Up III. This skill which could turn magical power into physical strength with a ratio of 1:3 had been evolved into Conversion Efficiency Up IV with sublimation magic, raising the ratio to 1:4.

At the same time,


Tio issued her command.


Surrounding Shia and Tio were the swarm of monsters. Surrounding the swarm of monsters were the armed black dragons summoned by Tio’s artifact, which simultaneously fired breath.

It was a perfect surprise attack for the monsters who were struck from the rear by a series of breaths.

The poor monsters resembling prisoners locked in iron maidens were mercilessly penetrated and killed by black flashes resembling Tio’s breath attack.

The power was more than enough. It was around the same level as the aurora of the white dragon back in their first encounter. In other words, it was above the power of the reinforced ash dragons.

In fact, the breaths fired from the black dragons who numbered roughly one hundred instantly pulverized over two hundred monsters. That is to say, each breath was able to break through at least two monsters which boasted an unusually high level of defense.

Just where did these ridiculously powerful dragons come from? Freed grumbled as he directed the silver bombardment towards Tio. Even though he personally improved the level of the ash dragons to the level of the former white dragon, even though if received the assistance of god… Just how much effort and training would be required to go against that?

Even if Tio had a high aptitude with metamorphosis magic, if you were to compare her current skill with her skill back in the devil king castle, it was indeed an impossible development. No matter how you put it, her current level could not be reached in only a few days.

(In that case, as expected, the cause for this is the equipment attached to the black dragons. Such a thing as equipping monsters with artifacts… how absurd. That must once again be that guy’s doing. How annoying!)

Freed came to that conclusion and cursed at the white-haired boy who wasn’t here. Seeing his bombardment was repelled by Tio, he issued instructions to the monsters while preparing his next attack. That is, to eliminate the surrounding black dragons.

Following the main order, the large number of faithful subordinate monsters turned around and their new targets shifted from Tio to the black dragons.

Just as Tio planned. It was already bad enough that they had to face the platinum apostles, freed, and the divine white dragon, but if they also had to watch out for the attacks of the crowd of the monsters while fighting the other opponents, it would become unbearable.

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