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Download Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 14

Ryo Shirakome

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 14

The “saint shield” barrier finally dissipated as the outside blaze consumed the remainder of the tar and extinguished. The only remaining vegetation adhered to a strangely metallic ground covered with ash. It looked like an apocalyptic landscape.


“How’s everyone?”


Hajime sat in the middle of the burnt out wasteland with Yue, Shia, and Kaori holding him tightly with their eyes closed. They each opened their eyes in turn and tilted their heads.

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

Hajime asked with a worried voice as he noticed a strange look on Yue. Yue and the other girls looked at each other, acknowledging that they all had recovered before nodding and turning to Hajime.

“…Nn, we endured.”

“Yes, the pleasure seems to be gone.”

“I also don’t feel anything, I’m back to my senses.”

It seems to be that way.

They seemed to have endured the aphrodisiac effect of the milky slime that took their sanity with their mental strength. Excessive pleasure wasn’t all that different from pain. Hajime couldn’t imagine how much Yue and the others had suffered from an attack unlike any other they’ve ever experienced.

Hajime praised the three of them for doing a good job passing the labyrinth’s ordeal.

“As expected, all three of you did a good job. I was worried for a bit but I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Nn… Kufufu.”

“Ehehehe, it’s embarrassing to be told that so forwardly.”

“It’s thanks to Hajime-kun. It was your support that allowed me to endure.”

Hajime no longer had to hug the three as they were no longer under the effect of the aphrodisiac. Nevertherless, they didn’t let go as they grew gitty over being praised by Hajime.

Hajime tried to loosen his grip assuming it’d be alright by now, but Yue responded by hugging him even stronger.

Did they need more praising? The three girl looked upward at Hajime with blushing cheeks while they clang to him even more aggressively. They didn’t wear expressions that suggested they had lost their sanity. However, those expressions hold a certain allure of their own.

When they were under the aphrodisiac effect, it was easy for Hajime to reject their approaches, but it was a bit more difficult to resist Yue’s charm when she meant it. He gave up trying to get his arms back.


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